Set of Retro Can Diesel with Spathiphyllum Korto & Retro Look Can Route 66 In with a Syngonium Arrow


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This unique retro packaging comes with a beautiful fitting plant, namely the Spathiphyllum Korto. The Spathiphyllum Korto is also called the spoon plant and has a white flower that scallops upwards in the shape of a spoon.

The canned Diesel variant comes with a Spathiphyllum Korto in a pot 12 grow pot




This unique retro packaging comes with a beautiful matching plant, namely the Syngonium Arrow. Syngonium Arrow is also called an arrow plant, because this plant tries to grab hold with its aerial roots. She can do this on just about any surface. In the wild, this plant grows in the jungle between the tall trees.

The canned Drive Route 66 variety comes with a Syngonium Arrow plant in a 12 pot grow pot.


Spathiphyllum Korto. 


  • Flowering houseplant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Semi-shaded position
  • A lot of water
  • Beautiful white flowers
  • Mildly toxic
  • Adult height: 60 cm 


It is a houseplant that flowers and is easy to maintain. This plant needs less light, the plant can withstand moist soil, so you don’t have to worry that it will drown. This plant is loved for the flowers it produces. This plant is also called the peace lily and originally comes from the Amazon region where there is high humidity and warm temperatures.

To water:

twice a week, do not overwater. Make sure the soil is just starting to dry out the second watering in that week.


Part shade: this plant lives best in a part shade environment. Avoid direct sunlight, which can lead to yellow leaves.

Brown leaves: these are often the result of too dry air or too much sunlight. By spraying the customer you can ensure a higher humidity of this peace lily.


The Spathiphyllum Korto produces beautiful white flowers. These leaves are mildly toxic to children and animals. In case of possible ingestion of these leaves, please report to a doctor.


Syngonium Arrow


  • Tropical Green houseplant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Plant is 25-45 cm high, measured including nursery pot
  • Strong air purifying
  • Needs a lot of light
  • Average water requirement
  • Loves warmth
  • Adult height: 60 cm 


The Syngonium Arrow is a unique arrow-shaped plant that comes from the jungles of South America. This plant indicates how much light it needs. If the leaves become whiter, they need more sunlight. She does not like direct sunlight.


Water requirement:

Water this plant once a week. She does not need much water but likes a moist substrate.



Lots of light, no direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius

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