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Large-flowered roses MIX x 3


With these large-flowered roses you will soon grow a beautiful rose bush. We recommend planting this product outdoors. The plants need about 6 hours of sunshine per day. If you plant them in a good place and take good care of them, you can enjoy your home-grown flowers after a year.


They can withstand the winters. The plants are supplied in a root ball and on delivery they are approximately between 30 and 38 cm, depending on the product. When you plant them, the plants grow larger. Exactly how big differs per rose plant.


Roses like a lot of nutrition and a rich soil. This is already very important when planting roses. Once the roses grow they keep asking for food. Flowering costs a lot of energy.

Spring is an ideal time to provide the rose with extra nutrition. The roots begin to absorb more and more nutrients from the soil. Fertilizers are therefore used immediately. Sprinkle the granules around the base of the plant in changeable weather. When it rains, the grain immediately disintegrates and the nutrients are released.

In the summer it is important to cut away the withered roses with continuously flowering roses. This provides extra incentive to flower better.

What do we offer:

Package contents: 1 x Dame de Coeur ( red ) , 1x Queen Of England ( pink ) , 1 x Virgo ( white ) .


The products will be between 30 and 38 cm measured including the root ball upon receipt

Comes in a colorful marketing tube.

Product specifications:

These roses can grow into beautiful shrubs of up to 1 – 1.5 meters.

Receiving the plants

When you receive the plants, it is desirable to plant them immediately.

Can’t do this?

  • Cover the roots and place the plant in your garden shed or garage.
  • Never leave a plant outside unprotected against wind and rain.
  • Make sure that the roots do not dry out. For example, by putting the pot with the roots in a large plastic bag and then putting some moist soil in this bag.
  • Do not do this for more than 1-2 days.
  • On delivery, the products will measure 30-38 cm including the root ball. This differs per plant.

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