2 GRAPES VINE – OH2 – white ‘Aurore’ – white ‘Sauvignon’



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1 x white ‘Aurore’

1 x white ‘Sauvignon’

  • Supplied with root ball in the marketing tube
  • Height upon delivery: 55-70 cm, measured including the root ball
  • White grapes


  • Set of 2 grafted grape plants
  • Plants are grafted
  • Adult plant – 200 – 400 cm
  • Species: Vitis Vinifera
  • Create a Mediterranean atmosphere in your garden!
  • Suitable for pots or in the garden
  • Easy to care for and robust
  • With the right care, you can produce fruit in as little as 1 year


What do we offer:

1 x White ‘Aurore’ + 1 x White ‘Sauvignon’


Create a Mediterranean atmosphere in your own garden with these beautiful grafted grape plants! In addition, with the right care, you can enjoy your first grapes after a year and a half. The OH2 sets consist of 2 grafted grape plants and come in a colorful marketing tube with sufficient explanation of these products.


The Vitis Vinifera, also called vine plant in Latin, is a real climbing plant. This is ideal for your balcony or garden. Our grapes can be planted in pots or in the ground. Recommended to give them a place with sufficient hours of sunshine. Advice on supporting this plant, for example against a fence, wall, pergola or fence. Our grape plants are hardy down to minus 15 degrees Celsius. You can harvest and enjoy your own fruits in September/October.

The plants lose leaves in winter, but of course the plants get them back in spring. Make sure the plants get enough water in the summer


The trees are self-pollinating. They will withstand winters, but it is still advisable to protect the trees from extreme frosts during the first winter. Use a fleece, old cloth, towel or plastic to protect it. The trees are approximately between 55-70 cm with root ball when delivered. If you plant them, they will get bigger.


Shipping & Manual

The plants are delivered in a bespoke shipping package, so the plant is delivered in good condition. Each plant has a label.

EAN: 8717032006253

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